I was born in Boston. When I was 20 I moved to Galway Ireland. Then I moved back and fell into creative love with a girl named Marley and boy named Blue. We were called the Wasteland Writers and conducted earnest experiments into falsehood. No one ever heard of us. After Marley and I living together for over 3 years it all fell apart. I would like to blame her, or to blame Blue, but I knew it actually was my fault.

I begin taking design really seriously and created a creative media business called Dustbunny Creative.

At 24 years old I took Dustbunny Creative to Los Angeles and found much official success right off the bat. Of course, in LA they say who you know is everything. In my experience there that certainly was the case. I began my professional life in Los Angeles working for Authentic Entertainment, A reality TV company, or Honey Boo Boo fame. I was working post production but they hired on Dustbunny Creative as their webmaster. It was a Flash site and that was awesome because i was a total Flash-head. I grew up using Director, which was Flash before Flash became Flash. When I was 16 I built my first game in Director called ‘Requim Of Blood” – it was pretty sweet!

After over a year at Authentic in such capacity (in that time switching over from post to preproduction – which I much preferred)  I had worked my way up to co-ordinator but switched their site out of Flash and got a new designer. I decided it was time to quit to run Dustbunny Creative full time. Initially I had incredible successs. All the film makers from Authentic hired me to do their sites for projects in Sundance and SXSW. Other great things happened.

Then came 07 and the Summer Of Love in my life in Los Angeles, and everything became the ‘I LOVE MY FRIENDS’ movement. It got a bit too wild though. Especially myself and the women.

In Los Angeles you have to make new friends every 6 or 7 months because everything will all go wrong for everyone all at once. Suddenly you turn your head and realize no one in Los Angeles remembers your legend and you have to start over again. By the 3rd time this happened I know it was time to leave LA

The only place in the world there was to go at that time was Austin Texas