“3 & 1/2APP” PROJECT MANAGMENT METHOD – (developed by ADHD for ADHD) 


(developed by ADHD for ADHD )

[created by Robert Hanley Tortora | for dustbunny777 WordPress design blog]

THE 3 & 1/2 APPS:


(http://todoist.comor through itunes: (iTunes)


(http://evernote.comor through itunes(iTunes)


(https://xwavesoft.com/be-focused-pro-for-or through itunes




(unavailable for laptop in US iTunes store at the time im writing this, but can be found in iPhone App store)  

As you are carrying forward on initial brain storming sessions you will use Evernote to take make sure nothing gets swept under the rug by mere forgetfulness.  Evernote runs on all platforms, and I should it runs well and is a real pleasure to use.
The best way to operate Evernote is to create a project Notebook for every major project you have. I always set up Evernote is a ‘PERSONAL’ notebook.
Then, in my case, a notebook for my personal business ‘DUSTBUNNY CREATIVE’.
Now, because my personal business barely operates right now I use that folder for things like to record information, for example, I have an ‘Adobe’ note, which contains all relevant info in one place on one card for super-quick reference should I forget my password, etc.
I have another note ‘WEBSITE’ for dustbunnycreative.com: my wasteland of what once had been my graphic design business website.  On this note, I have everything good to go for super quick reference that just taking the time to log simply and organized you will save yourself eons of frustration later. Especially you, ADHD guy!
So I have a notebook for my current (HOPEFULLY ETERNAL) business NEW REVOLUTIONARY – here ill make a note for any accounts such as email username + password, website login
Also, I set up an ‘EXCERSIZE’ notebook because I’m 37 (BLAHHHHHH) actually I record down particular exercises I like to do, how they make me feel + any along the way or things I learned notes.
You want to have an APPS folder
all ideas, notes, bits of info, etc in Evernote
Compile in ToDoIst a list of all tasks required by initial things discussed in Evernote phase
Plan out in BeFousedPro every task which will need to be performed between previous list phase and upcoming building phase
[make sure to keep track of all hours logged by what task + for which of our artists [this will provide us w exact 100% accurate information stream about how many hours we are working and help us keep house percentage fair and will be part of shared information to negotiate contracts
This next is a side quest phase: fill out as much as possible of workflow app and use its power to keep records/ force self to be held accountable
As site is built BeFocusedPro logs all your hours, since we set it up task by task by task a very accurate work spread will be logged for filing or getting paid etc.

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