Episode 1 – (Update 3/3/17)

So it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here. I’ve been busy working for The Gregg Housh Show podcast. I met Gregg through an unfortunate passing off a lifelong friend who tragically passed and that we both loved. At one point, while on the first of her visits to me down in Delray Beach Florida she had told me of her friend who was associated with Anonymous. Both and her I had temporarily recused ourselves of our once mutual love for a good tale of conspiracy. But you can only hear – ‘there is going to be marshal law!’  – so many times before you’ve heard it all before and nothing happens so you just kind of go on in the same sort of shitty world view for so long before you realize you can always find dirt somewhere if you look for it, and its really very myopic to focus only on the dirt when there is so much else which is beautiful to look at.

But what is interesting is the people who really go in after it though and do everything they can within their possibility to try and make it better, and not better for themselves, better for everyone’s sake. Its really quite interesting to be around and a part of, its like you can’t even help but wanting to be a part of it, to be around is really something quite special. You can feel it in the air of place.

To be starting in with Gregg Housh on the Gregg Housh Show —

But I’m getting ahead of myself.


So my job with Assured AA as designer went great! It was a lot of fun to work with the whole team. Pedro is a great, very nice guy so I really like working for him. I believe its a bit of a family business, but don’t quote we me on that. The lady in charge of the creative team assigned to me was Yollimar, she was absolutely fun to work with and had a sharp eye i really came to count on very soon. Together we designed my very first brand and Im very proud of it.


I’m posting some of it in the next blog…

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