“ART IS SO DUMB. its the best”

medium: mixed media, including found art, hand illustration, above illustrator, , intentionally destroyined shreds of other art – just to name a few

ART IS SO DUMB its the best

It’s like this ancient secret, right?

Everyone looking at art always thinks it must be so smart. But it never is. Hey

Not if it’s any good anyway.

The best art always means nothing, those who understand these things know art is inherently stupid. All great art is dumb. It means nothing at all. Henceforth it means anything to anyone.

“the best art means nothing”

Ah but there is a catch here, in order to catch thus phenomena seeking something must be allowed by one first before instead finding it out of nowhere.

the mind will see what it needs to see when it has an excuse to stop and just look for what it needs to see.

finding everything out of nowhere is the human condition

Art is for humans

the mind will see what it needs to see – all it needs is the excuse to just stop

to just look

for what needs

to be



Robert Hanley Tortora

The Gregg Housh Show – Episode 20

Here is the Episode Graphic From the podcast I work for, The Gregg Housh Show. I kept the design minimum to contrast the usually fairly active graphic design.